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My daughter Matilda, six, wasn't allowed in the hospital at all, but my husband Daniel was there. Claire Grace, 38, from South Croydon, had her second child Ellis, two weeks, via C-section on 18th March at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Locksbottom. They said that upon learning of the arrest the university began an internal investigation, led by an outside entity, into his interactions with student-athletes. → no events outside! If you want to avoid violence don’t stay out past midnight. She said: 'I've got an appointment with the consultant next week to go through it, because my last birth was a normal birth, so we don’t know what to expect at the moment. There's no breastfeeding cafes at the moment as everything has been shut down, so I haven't been able to get any feeding support which has been really challenging. Even basic things like sanitary pads - I didn't think I wouldn't be able to get any.

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